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How to start a good business: See how you can start a good and profitable business in Nigeria

Sometimes thinking on how to start a good business can be very hard

Some dream of building the best business companies and achieve great height like some of the high profiled business mogul around

But all those that have achieved in business didn't just get there, they passed through so many hurdles and because of their determination they got where they wanted to be

Before you can start a business you need research. Look around you what is your community lacking? what do they like most? After making your findings sit and think on how to satisfy the people in your community on the business you will to start based on your findings.

Now you want to start a business that will yeild high profit? Lets take a look at the business we can start with or without capital

1. POS(point of sale) 

The pos is one of the most sought after business everyone is trying to get their hands on, all that is needed for this business is an umbrella, a chair, a table, a sign post indicating what you do and a pos machine. 

How it works

On a pos device transactions are being made, that is one doesn't need to he bank for any transaction, so there are a lot of customers coming right before you

A transaction of #500-#10000 is charged at #100

A transaction of #1000-#2000 is charged at #200

Cool money right? 

2. Plain and pattern business

Another business is the plain and pattern business with just #15000 you can build your own clothing brand from scratch. There is high profit believe me as you can make as much as double your capital!!! 

All you need the right connection and your business is ready to go 

I hope with this few suggestion you can now start something. 

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