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If Referendum Takes Place, What would Happen To Igbos Business In The North?

Most times a lot of questions keep coming our ways as the talk on referendum is already taking over the social media platforms.

Nigeria as a country is already battling tribal and religious crisis triggered by our inability to understand one another. In Nigeria it is a hard thing for the north and east to coexist without having a negative perception on one another. In the northern part of Nigeria for example, we have hundreds if not thousands of successful business igbo men and women who are established in those region and are very good at what they do.

A lot of questions keep coming to my head concerning the condition of their businesses and wellbeing if Nigeria through goes through with the referendum. Are their business going to be taken over or are they going to leave it and run away? No. It is simple. When such things happens, they are many instances that it would result to. One is that they could be subjected to a high tax or the people would want to return to their origin for fear security. In any case, they would be safe and no harm would befall their businesses. They could as well sell their business.

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