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Three Things You Must Have To Be Successful In Your Fishery Business

Fishery Business is one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria. If you do it correctly, you will definitely get your returns. But if you get things wrong, you could lose everything. Nigerians are active consumers of fish, this is why the fishery business strives well in our different societies across Nigeria.

However, if you are longingly expecting to start the fishery business, there are 3 things you must have correctly to help you record success in the business.

1. Training.

Training is significant in all aspects of life. In the same vein, without maximum training on how to run the fishery business, you may be on your way to losing your money through nonstop loss. You must have adequate training on the type of specie of fish you should rear, the type of feeds you should give to your fish and when to change their water. All these are very important in keeping the fishes healthy for a profitable fishery business.

2. Right environment.

As a potential fishery business owner, you should be aware that environment matters a lot when you want to go into the fishery business. Do not make the mistake of hosting your fishery business in an environment that is prone to flooding. You could wake up one day and all your fishes have been washed away. Make sure you have the right environment, and the right environment is a place that is not vulnerable to flooding.

3. Marketing.

Marketing is the driving force of most businesses. Without a functioning marketing strategy, a business may collapse earlier after it started. You must learn how to go out and market your business to potential buyers. The more people you talk to about your business, the more buyers that may likely buy from you. Make sure you have a working marketing strategy for your fishery business.


Fisheries commitee for the west central gulf of Guinea (FCWC).

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