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Check Out Some Cool Photos Of This Famous Billionaire That Sells Cannabis

Every businessman knows that the secret to success is having multiple streams of income and that to grow exponentially, you need to invest in a wildcard. So it's not surprising that most of the top successful businessmen on this planet are taking these things seriously.

One of these successful businessmen we're talking about is none other than the famous, multiple Grammy winning artiste and billionaire businessman, Shawn Carter aka Jay Z. The African american (black) singer, songwriter and business executive is most famous for his musical genius but he has long diversified into various other sectors of the business world such as fashion (with his Roca Wear label) and streaming (with Tidal). He also owns shares in companies like UBER and has been involved in other profitable ventures over the years. 

In recent times, Jay Z has moved into the wild card market of cannabis sales and it seems he has really struck gold.

The highly addictive substance is illegal in most parts of the world (including Federal America) but thanks to state law, cannabis can be legally consumed in a couple of states in the US. it is within this tiny cache of states that Jay Z is seemingly building his new empire and it remains to be seem how far he'll go.

His company, Monogram, are making and selling high quality cannabis at a manufacturer's value of about 50 dollars and it's selling for almost 100 dollars in retail. This is obviously earning him huge income and due to the addictive nature of these substances it's expected that his business will only grow bigger.

Check out some photos of Jay Z

Jay Z is obviously making black people proud but do you think his cannabis business is a good thing? Please comment.

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