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Business Ideas for Fresh College, Polytechnic and University Graduates

Traditional 2 to 3 jobs are no longer a strict norm, especially for young people just entering the workforce. Side hustles, freelance work and self-run enterprises are increasingly popular, and offer a plethora of ways to make a living from outside the confines of a cubicle.

Many college, polytechnic and university graduates are choosing their own paths, by starting their own businesses across a wide variety of industries. 

For this, we have gathered some low cost business ideas you can start as a new graduate in Nigeria.

1. Social Media

He who underestimates the relevance of social media to marketing is still living in a cave. Write a short post like ‘Do you need a private tutor for your child? Then call this number or send a message to me.’ 

You can post this on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. Ask your followers to share on their wall. Use chat platforms and also create a broadcast of your business.

2. Graphic Designing

With designing platforms like Corel draw and Photoshop, you can help startups create content and manage their websites, blogs and get paid for doing so.

You can also train people on how to use these platforms, if you are good and that will be another means of income.

3. Hairdresser business

If you always had a passion for hair styling, you can invest in professional hairdresser course, and then start working at the hair salon. It does not have to be a full-time job, you can work there as a student and successfully earn good. 

You can promote yourself on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, which will generate you more clients. Post the best examples of your work, and you are guaranteed to gain people’s interest in your skills.

4. Cleaning service

This would be the right job for you if you are an active and neat person who pays a lot of attention to the small details. Before the move into the new house, some people hire the cleaning service for tidying their place up. 

If you feel like you could manage this, you can start a Facebook page and promote your services. This can be done in your spare time, and it will not threaten your grades. You can also dive into this business without any money because when people hire you for this job, they will give you a deposit fee, and you use these funds to buy the materials that you need for performing your work.

5. Event Management Services

This is hot till today. People want to do birthdays and they need cakes. A wedding ceremony needs an organizer and MC for their Funeral ceremonies, also event managers. Makeup artists everywhere. After all, people want to look better. You should know these are trending now.

Our universities churn out graduates every year, and it is no longer news that there is a high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. It is no longer wise to just go to school and just study without acquiring a skill. Times have changed.

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