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Simple steps to succeed in Rice farming and make fortune.

Rice is the most important food crop to venture into.

Rice is the most important Food crop of about half of the human race, in particular for the South and East Asia and now spreading to Africa.

Nigeria is blessed with suitable ecologies for different rice varieties which when properly harnessed can boost rice production to meet domestic demands.

The arable land to rice production covers five major ecologies via upland, lowland or shallow water swamp, irrigated rice, deep water/floating rice and mangrove.

Potential land area for rice production in the country is 4.9 millon hectares but only 3 million hectares is being cultivated.

European Association of Agricultural Economics (EAAB) indicates that Nigeria is the largest rice importer in West Africa with an average yearly import of 2 millon metric tons since the year 2000. 

Total consumption stands at 44 million metric tons of milled rice we produce only about 2.8 million metric tons.

With increasing urbanisation and importation of Food many Nigerians have picked up the habit of Rice consumption. Average production yields are as low as 1.7 metric tons per hectare Potential yield of rice range from upland and lowland varieties is between 3 to 6 tons per hectare.

Site Selection

Rice is adapted to wide range of environmental conditions from freely drained Upland ecology to Low lands and deep flood ecologies.

Since Rice is known to be water loving, select sites with heavy soils which can hold a lot of water and avoid sandy soils which are unsuitable for growing rice since they do not retain moisture.

The upland rice is grown as rain-fed crop on naturally well drained soil without surface water accumulation.

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