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3 Reasons Why Many Northerners Don't Support The Restructuring Of Nigeria.

The restructuring of Nigeria has been one of the most discussed topics that is causing a lot of argument so far, as many groups and politicians, especially in the southern part of Nigeria, keep agitating for it.

Afenifere and Ohanaeze make it known that restructuring is the only thing that can easily stop many of the problems that we are facing these days.

They claim that things will change entirely if the Federal Government can dissolve power to the state level, as it will make Nigeria stronger on security and economically.

Furthermore, many Nigerians, especially Northerners, seem to be the main people that kick against this suggestion for many reasons.

However, according to my opinion, I believe that these are the 3 main reasons why many Northerners kick against the restructuring of Nigeria.

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It will benefit the South more than the North.

Many Northerners believe that the restructuring of Nigeria will be a blessing for the people of the southern part of Nigeria more than them, because we all know that the southern states have the biggest resources that the Nigerian government relies on.

Not only that, the southern part of the country also has the largest economy in the country. Although we cannot deny the fact that the north is also blessed with land, population, and natural resources too, but many of them are undeveloped.

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Restructuring is another tactic of breaking up.

Many Northerners believe that it will be easier for the Oodua Nation and Biafra to push the breaking up agenda if Nigeria is restructured.

Because this system of government will give access to the region to control its own severity, and this will give the leader of the particular region easy access to launch war attacks against the government and cut ties with the government. 

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Nigeria will not focus on one goal any longer.

If the restructuring is put into consideration, every region will have different goals and different ways of achieving them.

Nigeria will become many countries within a country, because every regional leader will have the veto power over the people of his region and this may affect the unity of the giant of Africa.

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