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How To Make Money Starting A profitable Snail Farming Business

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Snail farming or Heliciculture in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative agricultural business. Snail farming is mostly neglected yet needed in large quantities for local use as well as international consumption. Snail is an edible food that is very nutritious. It is Eaten by Nigerians and other African countries. Snails is not only loved in Nigeria, international communities also love to consume snail. The demand for snail is actually high, but the supply is not met. It is yet to be fully explored in Nigeria and most African countries. Usually people go to the bush at night to hunt for snail between 9pm and 12am, on rainy days. They rely on only this method, hence, the shortage in supply of snails.

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Snail farming is actually practical and viable business which anyone can venture into. It can be started with little capital and the risk factor is very low.

The market opportunity for heliculture in Nigeria and Africa at large is massive, but it is grossly neglected by the people. If you have large farm for snail, where to sell it won't be a problem as hotels, fast food restaurants and online would be your regular customers.

In Nigeria for example, snails are a bit expensive, the price of a snail depends on its size. Currently, the demand for snail in Nigeria is very high, it's higher than it is being supplied. This means that the market for snail is inexhaustible as national and international communities needs it.

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The best snail to rear is the black giant African Snail called Achatina Achatina. As a beginner that want to go into snail rearing, you will first of all need a plan. He who doesn't plan already has planned to fail.

Below are a few Steps To Start a profitable Snail Farm Business

1. Have a plan: you have to draft a plan for your snail farming. The plan will be a good guide on how to run the business.

2. Choose a snail specie to farm: When farming snail, you have to use just one specie of snail. According to research, Achatina achatina is the best for rearing for warm climatic regions like Nigeria and Africa.

3.Set-up a space: you'll need a space for your business. The space must be very spacious so that the animal can graze freely. The snails should not be kept in a tight place. A spacious farm reduces the risk of disease outbreak caused by tight containers. Construct a pen house for them because they can escape. It should be spacious enough with a good soil. You can plant some trees and grass in the farm for them.

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4. Buy the snails: to start the snail farm, it will require snails. You should buy mature snails from the market or from those that farm snails. Examine the snails before buying them to ascertain it's health. If you buy mature snails, they will lay eggs, which will increase the population of the farm.

5. Food For the snails: Snails can be fed with different kinds of foods such as okra leaves, cabbage, cucumber, mango, banana, eggplant, pear, tomato and paw-paw, cassava, lettuce etc, because snails are vegetarians. Snails eat banana and pineapples too.

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6. Harvesting and selling of the snails: every farm has harvesting season. When the snails are mature enough, you can harvest them. It is not so good to harvest snails before maturity. It is also not good to sell out all your mature snails. Keep some to lay more eggs. As you sell of the mature ones, restock the farm with snails.

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The mortality rate of snails are very low. Starting a snail farming does not require much capital. You don't spend much on feeding because snails can go on hibernation for hours.

You can start with just 100 snails or more depending on the capital at hand. You can start with N50,000, if you don't have space. If you already have space it would be much lesser. You can as well start the nail rearing in your backyard.

Furthermore, the best season to start snail farming is during the rainy season. That is from June to October. This is because, it is the time snails begin to breed.

You'll make good money when the rainy season is over. There would be scarcity of snails between December and March.

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Snail farming should be encouraged in Nigeria. Those who are into it in Nigeria and other African countries are enjoying the dividends of it. You too can do it. Start somewhere.

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