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We’re out to address Nigeria’s food shortage

Farmer and Managing Director of Seedco Company (developer of hybrid seeds), Kolade Dada said he is working diligently to bridge the gap that exists in the demand gap for maize in Nigeria and also to ensure food security in the country. .

Experts currently said that the demand deficit for maize in Nigeria stands at 4 million tonnes.

Speaking during a field day to present a seed labeled SC 649 to farmers in Kano, Dada stressed the need for the farmer to adopt the product which he says has many potentials in order to save a bumper harvest and change the stories.

The General Manager represented by its Sales Manager, Junaidu Mukhtar, said: “As you all rightly know, our earth is not growing because it remains the same. Instead, we are increasing the size of the population. We therefore need to develop hybrids and climate-smart seeds to resist drought and the maize streak virus, MSV as well as increase our agricultural production to meet demand.

SC 649 maize has many potentials. With good agronomic practices, eight to ten tons per hectare can be obtained with 25 kg of seed compared to the average yield of a farmer who uses the regular open pollinated variety, OPV who gets three tons per hectare. Again, SC 649 takes approximately 100 to 110 days to mature.

So with Seedco providing a variety that can yield up to eight to ten tons, the ton is 10 bags of 100 kg, so for eight to ten tons that means 80 to 100 bags. This is something that can help reduce the demand gap for corn. This will close this gap as it means more tonnes per hectare and more maize for the population. And with that, we are addressing food security.

We also have another seed variety, SC 419 in the pipeline.

The take-home message is that farmers see the potential of SC 649. The ears were already open for them to physically see how big it is. And it will also give an idea of ​​the possible production and tons they could harvest depending on the number of kg of seeds they plant. Aside from corn, we are also in soybeans and rice, said Dada, however.

For his part, a retired civil servant now a farmer, Auwal Maidabino called on government at all levels to step into the project and partner with the company to provide variety in large quantities to farmers to achieve the vision. of the current administration to address food shortage in the country.

As you can see for yourself, the corn farm is in good shape and I have samples of the cobs produced, which is much better than what we have had in the past.

You have to assemble 3 ears of normal corn before you can get 1 cob of that from Seed Co and I recommend other farmers to give it a try. In fact, I call on government at all levels and relevant authorities to partner with society to make seeds available to farmers in order to realize President Muhammadu Buhari's vision of overcoming the food shortage, ”he said. Maidabino said.

Earlier, lead farmer Mustapha Maska told the audience that after planting the variety he was optimistic about having a bumper crop.

I spent 30 years in agriculture. I have never used Seedco seed, this is the first time. This year is one that I will never forget because I am optimistic about the bumper harvest.

I planted two hectares of this seed and I hope to harvest 80 bags per hectare, whereas before I harvest 50 bags. This seed variety takes 100-110 days to harvest compared to the one we use in the past which takes 120-130 days Maska said.

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