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3 Offline Businesses For Unemployed Ladies In Nigeria

It's so frustrating to be jobless as a Nigerian lady as it makes men look at you as a dependent factor. In other to write that wrong, below are profitable business opportunities you can start offline from anywhere you are in Nigeria. Also they require little money to startup.

1. Cake Baking

Cake baking made our first list because it is very profitable and viable. There is always someone doing birthday every blessed day. Not to talk about wedding and other celebrations . So as you have see you won't be running out of customers. A small cake goes for about 5k, imagine doing that for just 3 people a day. You will surely be swimming in money. So if I were you I will learn cake baking and the intricacies involved in it.

2. Snacks Making

How about opening your own cafeteria to sell different types of snacks and minerals? Doesn't that sound great. Everyday people are searching for the nearest cafe to take in something for supper. You can leverage on that by locating close to companies whose staffs might visit your should to ease off stress.

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Cake Snacks


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