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2 Businesses You Can Start Up With N5000 Ahead Of Christmas

2 Businesses You Can Start Up With N5000 Ahead Of Christmas

Starting up a business is not easy but something can always be done and even done in a perfect way.

Christmas is at the corner and this is a good time for you to invest and reap later.

Check out the 2 businesses you should consider starting up with the N5000 you have;

1. Charcoal Business

Charcoal business is a very lucrative business. You can start this business with just N5000. All you have to do is to search for a nice spot around you where you can put them on display.

If you can not afford to produce them by yourself, you can buy them from those selling in bulk starting with at least 5 bags. You can decide to sell in smaller quantities which will bring you more income. Try this business out today and thank yourself.

2. Palm Oil Business

Truly, N5000 is not enough to purchase a gallon of palm oil but you can always buy them in smaller quantities and resell them in bits.

The price of palm oil has gone up but that does not affect it's demand as people need it to cook almost everyday.

Remember, to make more income from a business, you need to invest more and be consistent.

Try to reinvest your income as soon as they arrive.

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