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Say These Prayers For Financial Breakthrough This Week

We're in the final week of September, and we're thankful for God's blessings on our lives and families. God's kindness can be seen in the fact that we are alive. We are awake and active even this morning, which is a great reason to worship the Lord. He's done it before for you, and He can do it again right now. In the coming week, say these prayers for financial breakthrough.

We are grateful to you, Heavenly Father, for your divine protection and provision over our lives and families this week.

We adore you for everything you've done financially and economically for us.

We are grateful for the money you provided to help us survive the previous week, be thou exalted Lord

We thank you Father for your love and care for our family, and we worship you.

Lord, as we begin a new week, pour your blessings on us.

Provide for all of our requirements. Lord, we pray

We don't want to be without anything good this week, Lord.

Lord, provide for our food this week.

Lord, provide us with what we will drink this week.

Lord,Provide for all our needs O Lord

We don't want to lack any good thing this week Lord

Provide what we will eat this week Lord

Provide what we will drink this week Lord

Send helpers to us Lord this week

Fill our pockets with money and our mouth with laughter Lord

Fulfill your promises in our lives this week Lord

Don't allow the enemy to mock and scorn us Lord

All the money we will spend this week, please provide for us Lord

Poverty shall not be our portion Lord

Thank you for answering our prayers Lord

Thank you for doing more than what we ask Lord

We say be thou exalted Lord

In Jesus name we pray


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