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Some States In Nigeria Where Gold Can Be Found

Many Nigerians do not know that there are some states in Nigeria where gold can be mined. Gold is a precious metal and the 3rd most valuable after platinum and palladium. Some exploration of precious metals is going on in some of these areas, especially by illegal miners, but the government has failed to focus largely on the exploration.

These are the states in Nigeria where gold can be found.

Zamfara State

Maru (Duki, Maraba, Anka, Malele)

Two of the most important old gold mines are located within the Maru schist belt. The Duki Mine and the Maraba belt. The Duki mineralisation appears to be composed of gold-quartz veins and the Maraba is composed of tourmaline and chlorite in quartz floats and altered wall rocks.


There are several old gold mines in this area, including Kwali, Zuzzurfa, Jameson, and Kuba, which are hosted by schists, phyllites, and quartzites from the schist belt.


The Malele area is located at the very southern end of the Maru schist belt. Gold mineralisation occurs in/trending gold quartz vein series.


Kwaga and Tshohon Birnin Gwari

The Tsohon Birnin Gwari and Kwaga gold deposits are located in northwestern Nigeria's Kushaka schist belt. While the Tsohon Birnin Gwari gold mine was active in the 1930s, producing over 600 ounces of gold, the Kwaga site was discovered recently by artisanal miners following the extension of the Tsohon Birnin Gwari mine.

Niger State

The Gurmana gold-mining district in Niger state is located in the extreme southern part of the Kushaka schist belt.

FCT, Ibbaban Tsauni. 

Recent investigations revealed the presence of anomalous gold concentrations in Ibbaban Tsauni samples ranging from 7ppm to 27ppm in lead ores and pebbly soils.



Gold occurs in this region in association with pyrite, galena, chalcopyrite, and minor magnetite, sphalerite, and bismuth telluride in a gangue of main quartz with some sericite, carbonates, tourmaline, and chloride



The gold mineralisation area of Okolom Dogondaji is located in the Egbe-Isanlu schist belt of south-western Nigeria and is the primary gold-quartz mineralisation.


Exploration for gold in Ogun State's Ajegunle-Awa area reveals minor gold occurrences in residual soils at the contact between amphibolites and pegmatites. These rocks are highly fractured, as evidenced by drill core samples.



The iperindo gold mineralisation is located in southwestern Nigeria's llesha schist belt, which contains several gold-bearing schisms.

Unfortunately, a check on the webpage of the ministry of mines and steel indicated that only small scale mining is being carried out and licensed in the country.

Nigeria is truly a blessed country. But the question remains, why does the government rely on the exploration of crude, leaving this diverse area of gold exploration to boost the country's economy? Share your view

Source: Google, Wikipedia, Ministry Of Mine and Steel Development

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