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I Recently Discovered This Business For Young People

Nigerian young people I must say are the strongest zealous people I have ever seen. If you move around the nation today, you will find them gainfully engaged in other to earn an income. Even in the least places you expect to see activities of business, you will find a Nigerian youth making his/her endeavour there. This indeed is worthy of accolade and based on this, I will be bringing to light this business which has though become rampant since the outbreak of the corona pandemic but I never thought I will see it in a more higher form like I did this week.

Within the week, I went to an embassy for something and discovered some youth hanging around the embassy. The interesting part of it is that, the location of the embassy is in a quiet place where you won't even think of seeing people making their cool cash there. But I was surprised to see young girls and boys hustling for their cash and truly their efforts sure pays.

If you observe, you will notice that there is a compulsory use of face mask before entering into various organizations. All this while, it's been face mask all along. But, one thing I have not seen enforced is the use of hand glove.

Dear reader, in some embassies right now, the use of face mask and hand glove is compulsory and guess what, the people who goes to these embassies only remember their mask but forgets the hand gloves. Do you think they will want to miss their appointments because of an ordinary hand gloves? No, they won't do that. They will prefer to buy whatever they are ask to buy and at whatever cost it is sold to them.

A pair of handgloves was being sold for five hundred naira.

Businesses You Can Do Around An Embassy:

1. Printing Business: This does not require much, just a small space, your chair, little table, a printer and power source. There are people who are being sent out from the embassy to print things like their appointment letter, company letterhead e.t.c. They won't just go home because of these and coming another day will cost them more. They will prefer to patronize whoever is available in that location. Printing around there is higher than your regular printing.

Picture: For illustration

2. Handglove and facemask: Like I said, it is compulsory you enter these embassies with both. Selling this around an embassy is surely a good one.

3. Internet activities: With your computer, internet and printer. You can help those with one application issue or the other to print documents from either their mail or from websites. They will handsomely reward your service.

Bureau De Change: This is the service of exchanging naira to any other currency. You will have to make enquiry on how to be licensed for this service. There are people who comes to the embassy without knowing they have to come with the required foreign currency for their visa payment. But when they are asked to do so. They won't have option than to buy at whatever price they are sold.

In conclusion, there are many businesses you can do around an embassy as a young person who needs money. All you need do, is to identify the needs of those who comes there and then make yourself available to solve such needs.

Thank you.

Yours in Opera News Hub

Favour Victor

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