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See What Kaduna Governor's Son Ahmad Bashir Said About Plateau State's Strawberry

The strawberry has a powerful antioxidant content which can be used to boost a person’s blood sugar, making them an ideal choice for those who have diabetes, and a safe, delicious addition to any diet. Making it a reason why many people will seek the fruit which is very rare in the country, but is available in the Plateau, central part of Nigeria.

With many Nigerians not knowing that strawberry is been cultivated in Nigeria, son of Kaduna's state Governor Bashir Ahmad has taken to his Twitter's page to share images of the harvested strawberry in Plateau State, as he captioned the images shared by him that, "Plateau, Nigeria has the best strawberry"

With this revelation many people will no doubt be surprised, as most people who buy strawberries think it is been imported into the country, as they are unaware the crop can grow in Nigeria, what Bashir has done will serve as an advertisement to the farmers of the product, as many people will now patronise strawberry farmers in the country, which will no doubt boost the product sales.

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