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Opinion: Avoidable Conflicts Between Electricity Distribution Companies and Consumers

The attacks on electricity distribution workers across the country have become rampant in recent times.

The major reasons for these attacks include issuance of crazy bills and attempts to disconnect alleged debtors from power source. These types of conflicts are avoidable by simply making available prepaid meters to electricity consumers but the distribution companies appear unwilling to do this. Once a consumer has been metered, there would be absolutely no need for deploying staff for physical disconnection as defaulters would automatically be cut off by the device. Distribution staff are alleged to always look forward to be deployed for disconnection assignments for the sole purpose of enriching themselves by collecting gratifications from defaulters and only disconnecting those who refuse to grease their palms, thereby shortchanging their employers.

Furthermore, many are of the strong belief that the distribution companies deliberately refuse to meter consumers in order to perpetuate the practice of estimated billing, which allows them to issue indiscriminate and unjustifiable bills to the detriment of the comsumers. They have been accused of hoarding prepaid meters and frustrating applicants desirous of them.

In order to reduce the incessant attacks on power distribution employees, they should endeavor to provide prepaid meters to all customers. This will reduce drastically, physical contacts between their staff and the consumers. It will also ensure fairness and transparency in the billing process and engender peace.

It was reported recently in the media that the federal government has made available a huge sum of money to the distributors to enable them install free meters for power comsumers but the effects of this commendable initiative are yet to be seen.

Is it right to atack electricity workers by aggrieved consumers? Readers' views are welcome.

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