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Cattle Business Can Create One Million Jobs For Nigerians If Well Managed - Sen. Rochas Okorocha

Senator Rochas Okorocha has condemned the decision taken by the Southern governors to ban open grazing of cattle in the region, as he calls for other approaches to managing the situation.

The former Imo State Governor while featuring on a program on Channel's Television, revealed that if the cattle business is properly managed in the country, it can create one million jobs for Nigerians.

He mentioned that he wished the federal government would call him and tell him to use the N76 billion that is meant to be shared among the youths to fix the cattle business. He boosted that he will create one million jobs within the shortest possible time.

He further disclosed that Nigeria used to be exporters of leather skin and milk. He claimed that if the cattle business is taken seriously, it will empower many Nigerian as welders and fabricators will be engaged to building body carriers for the cattles while the herds are imported from China and fix it.

Speaking further, he said that 2,000 trailers, 2,000 drivers and 2,000 youths will be engaged and that simply means that over three thousand jobs would have been created. Adding that Nigeria can go into cow importation.

He conclused by saying that he is not in support that Fulanis should leave the region, but suggested that ranches should instead be made available for them to continue with their business in the South.

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