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Daily Methods Of Operation You Need To Know

What does that mean? It is simple and everyone is already doing it. This is the template in which you operate, every day. The way you handle your business, job and social life is regarded as Daily Method of Operation (DMO).

For example, some organizations don't collect cash but only collect their payment through POS, Bank transfer and another cashless methods. Similarly, some would prefer cash payment.  

In the same vein, some businesses have high hospitality and would even entertain each customer as they enter their office. A sachet of water can do this.

In these organizations, they have rules that govern employees including the way they interact with customers, they have enforced opening and closing time, and they devise business ethics for growth.

While an organization is profit-focused others could be growth-oriented. This can be discovered through their Daily Method of Operation.

The bank is one of the corporate entities that use perfect DMO. They create satisfying products, a conducive environment and great customer service. 

As this method is used by big organizations, it is also applicable to small scale businesses and even, is used by every individual in both occupational and social life.

More also, DMO is used every day by everybody and is of two types. These are the Progressive and Unprogressive

1) Unprogressive DMO is often unplanned. The ones in this category would just go to their work without having serious mapped out rules to follow during the day. 

They don't have a progressive plan for action and would only take whatever fall on their laps every day. They use this same passive method every day throughout the year. 

Below o are usually the skeleton of their daily method of operation

a) Lack of continual knowledge. They rarely acquire more knowledge in their area of work. This means their technical know-how won't adequately increase.

b) No written and specified rules for work. Their method of operating is not defined before they start work for the day. 

c)They don't know what level of their accomplishments should be for that day or year. It means they don't know the amount of work they should do for the day.

d)Their best and only rescue during the chaotic period is PRAYER. They don't have a recovery plan in case of disaster. (Like insurance and other methods).

e) No customer management. Customer acquisition and retention strategies are not available but this is very vital for the survival and growth of any business.

f) They only know the same and amount of people throughout the year. No networking, no change of unrewarding associates. 

g) They don't give much thought to hard work. There are still many unmentioned. Just let it hang here.

2) Progressive Method. Certainly, every successful corporate organization operates through a progressive Method of Operation. 

They designed a sophisticated and standard method of operation for their organization. Banks are good examples of this, they operation this method every day. 

Take, for example, Banks that have opening hours and closing hours. As a customer, you enter their office according to laid than system and you won't be allowed to bag in anyhow.

100% of Bank services are delivered through the system of Standard Method of Operation.

Observe the way they collect your deposit, look at the way they attend to your query through their customer service.

Can you see their logo on the deposit slip and every strategic corner around their office walls?

See the way they smartly dress. Do you notice colour combinations at all? See the way they friendly interact with you even if you display anger.

They send you messages each time there is any transaction in your account. What about thank-you and festival-period messages.

In a nutshell, Bank is among corporate entities that operate through the Standard Method of Operation, ranging from customer relationships to marketing systems. They operate DMO with finesse.

You see, this system of operation is responsible for their high rate of success. Any other business that uses a similar method stands a chance of having everlasting success just like them.

Unfortunately, some business owners rarely observe or pay attention to this. They usually neglect DMO in their daily routine.

It gives higher chances for success. If a distributor could follow that method strictly, success is inevitable.

Now, the question is, what is your Daily Method of Operation? How do you operate your life or business daily?

Do you have defined rules through which your business is operated? Your answer to these questions determines where you will find yourself in the next five to ten years. 

Please, go and learn more about Goal Setting and the Daily Method of Operation. Google is your friend. You can learn about them more by googling.

You need to know, study and modify the method through which your life and business are operated for growth.

Thanks for reading through, what are your takes on this? Do share your thoughts and don't forget to like and share this content.

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