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"If you want to be rich and successful, be the shovel seller, not the miner" Business expert Danlok teaches

At just 20 years old, Dan Lok was already $150,000 in debt. Over three years, he launched 13 businesses — and every single one of them failed. Today Dan Lok is a multimillionaire and business mentor, thanks to the help of one man and his life-altering lessons. Now he’s paying it forward.

In one of his Instagram posts, Dan Lok felt the need to dish out some piece of advice to becoming rich and successful by being a "shovel seller and not the miner", whereby he uses the California Gold Rush in 1849 as an explanation.

During the California Gold Rush in 1849, almost everybody was ready to grab a shovel and started digging for the chance of finding gold and they worked day in and day out. But, how many do you think actually found gold and became rich? Only a handful.

It is the same in business - Only a few entrepreneur "find gold" while the rest of them end up losing or shutting down their business. However, there was a part that was left out of the story, While all the miners were breaking their backs in the hope of finding Gold, The shovel sellers were the ones who struck the real gold. Simply by selling shovels and other tools to the miners.

The same thing is happening today, it's the Entrepreneur rush, everybody wants to start a business and hit the gold.

Why don't you be the shovel sellers and be making a good profits without breaking your backs digging for gold.

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