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Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Land Surveyor Before Buying or Building Your House

The importance of land surveying before buying or building a house in Nigeria can never be overemphasized. Land surveying is a critical and essential process in the construction or purchase of residential or commercial property. This step helps both buyers and sellers to ensure that their transactions are legal and accurate. When choosing or locating a property for purchase or construction, land surveying is usually the first step a buyer should take.

This is because according to neclandsurveyors, land surveying provides a scientific measure of the various aspects of a property’s boundary, location and ownership. Additionally, land surveying provides an accurate reckoning of the area, features, and potential uses of a land parcel, as well as other essential details. A comprehensive land survey must cover the following areas: boundary lines, terrain features, elevations, water and sewer lines, roads, easements, and other structural features of the property. The process is more than just measuring the distance between two points on a piece of property; it includes careful examination of the property, interpretation of government regulations and laws related to it, and ongoing analysis of any changes that may occur over time.

Hiring a land surveyor before buying or building a house in Nigeria is key to achieving success in any building project or land transaction. The main reasons why it is important to hire a licensed land surveyor in Nigeria are as follows:

1. Accuracy: The most important reason why you should hire a licensed land surveyor prior to purchasing or constructing a house in Nigeria is for the accuracy of the property’s boundary lines, measurements, and other details that are vital for determining the boundaries of a lot. An experienced and professional land surveyor will be able to provide a detailed and reliable property survey report quickly. This report is important for verifying the measurements and other essential details of a property before construction or purchase commences.

2. Unbiased Advice: Land surveyors offer unbiased and well-informed advice to clients on a variety of issues related to a property’s dimensions, features, regulations, and potential uses. For example, they can examine any potential problems related to boundaries, easements, existing and future construction, easements or access, drainage or flood plains, or inaccuracies in a survey. Furthermore, because land surveyors are experts in measuring boundaries and observing land changes over a long period of time, they can advise clients on how to protect their rights to a piece of property.

3. Clarity: Land surveyors not only strive to accurately measure land boundaries and features, they also often develop a survey map. On this map, they will clearly depict the land boundaries and other features, such as frontage roads, rivers and streams, topographical contours, and wetlands. A survey map is a critical tool used by buyers and sellers in determining the appropriate boundaries of a property and eliminates any disputes or discrepancies over boundaries.

4. Building Permits: In order to obtain a building permit to construct a home in Nigeria, an up-to-date, comprehensive boundary survey of the property must be provided to the relevant authorities. A licensed land surveyor will be able to conduct a detailed survey of the property and make sure that it complies with all the regulations and legal requirements for construction or purchase.

5. Negotiating Price: By hiring a licensed land surveyor before purchasing a home, a buyer can use the survey report to negotiate the price of the property. A surveyor’s report may reveal information about the size of the property, its accessibility or location, existing or future issues related to use, or errors in the existing boundary, all of which can be used to leverage a better deal when it comes time to purchase.

In conclusion, hiring a professional and certified land surveyor before purchasing or constructing a home in Nigeria is the smart and secure way to ensure that the transaction is accurate, legal, and binding in terms of all relevant regulations and laws. A professional surveyor will be able to provide detailed, reliable, and up-to-date information that is vital for determining the dimensions and features of a property, while also providing impartial advice on potential issues and opportunities related to the property. Moreover, a surveyor’s report is essential in order to obtain a building permit and can be used to negotiate a better deal for the buyer. Therefore, any savvy and informed buyer should definitely consider hiring a licensed land surveyor prior to investing in a residential or commercial property in Nigeria.

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