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Business Management analysis

Business Industries to Venture into if you are a Nigerian by 2022

Before we go deep into this matter I must let understand this fact.

NOT every business is profitable and every business has risk but in this article, I have picked the top 5 that are stable and very profitable and probably will make you a billionaire considering factors like rate of demand, state of the economy, and competition. this pick may require some capital to start but this is what has kept these firms unsaturated.

1. Oil and Gas

The basic truth is that Nigeria and the world actually rely upon oil and gas. However long this pattern proceeds, this business will keep on overwhelming. Oil and gas is certainly lord among the most rewarding organizations in Nigeria. 

it is interesting to note that household names in Nigeria like Dangote, Mike Adenuga all started from this sector, we still have people like Otedola, A. A Rano banking big in this sector.

There is an excess of the ward on oil and gas. Furthermore, Nigeria is honored with a wealth of it. Any individual who takes advantage of this business will make tremendous pay. 

Here are some channels in Oil and gas business: 


This is one of the most rewarding aspects of the oil and gas business. Yet, you will require a high financial plan to get into it. Oil and gas merchants get refined oil-based goods into the country for appropriation to various areas. 

filling Station 

With a few huge numbers of Naira, you can begin a gas station. There are such countless vehicles in Nigeria that you won't ever run out of clients. Likewise, many individuals rely upon gas stations to control their generators. 

Cooking gas business 

This is an undiscovered business in Nigeria. Many individuals are so centered around Petrol that they overlook cooking gas. As of late, I was talking with a mid-companion size oil organization. They are into all oil-based commodities. He let me know they get more cash flow from cooking gas than some other businesses. 

You can supply cooking gas to retailers or you become a retailer and top off-gas for end clients. Flavor it up. This business is exceptionally rewarding, and it doesn't cost a lot to begin. You can begin little and develop! 

Oil and Gas transportation 

You can buy big tankers and get into the business of transporting oil-based commodities. It very well may be shipped Oil-based goods and some other item, that needs to be transported to certain destinations.

These are a few changes in the oil and gas business. There are others in this sector. but, one thing is sure, Oil and gas remain one of the most rewarding sectors in Nigeria.

2. Real estate and Housing

The real estate business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. There is no doubt about it. People will always need a roof over their heads. As the population continues to increase, the real estate business will continue to boom. As people move to cities, this business keeps booming

There are many opportunities in the estate business. You can work as an agent. Helping people find properties and an apartment for a fee or commission. Also helping property sellers and landlords find buyers or tenants for a fee.

You can develop properties in a highly sought-after environment for sale or for rent. You can also invest in lands and either develop or sell when it appreciates.

3. Hotel/Nightlife

The hotel business is very lucrative and cannot be overlooked among the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. The population of Nigeria is huge and people move from one place to another either for pleasure or business. The hotels provide shelter for them. Also, people coming into the country patronize hotels.

To succeed in the hotel business, you need to either look for a less competitive environment and start-up or offer better or cheaper services in a competitive area. To supplement your income, your hotels should have an event hall where people rent for events. A bar and restaurant, notably a club for night outs.

4. Agriculture

Aside from being one of the most rewarding organizations in Nigeria, the farming business is an evergreen business. It never goes downhill and never blurs. However long humans exist, agribusiness businesses will keep on endeavoring. This makes it a stable and profitable business. 

One thing that makes this business so appealing is that there are bunches of advances or financing choices accessible for horticulture business people in Nigeria. We have a committed Bank of Agriculture worked by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, and Ministry of Agriculture.

What's more, as the public authority is constantly hoping to broaden from oil, their significant spotlight is on farming. It will trigger more motivators for this area. There is enormous benefit and development sitting tight for any individual who wanders into the Agriculture business. 

Here are a few opportunities in the Agriculture business: 

Cattle Rearing 

Beef meat is extremely well known in Nigeria. Cow milk is nearly just about as prized as oil in Nigeria. These variables make cattle rearing one of the most lucrative sectors in Nigeria.

Palm oil business 

Palm oil is gold. A large portion of the things you use from cream to soup and a lot more are produced using palm oil. There are many countries that import palm oil from Nigeria. This business is exceptionally rewarding.

Cassava cultivating 

The greater part of Nigerians relies upon Garri, fufu, and different items produced using cassava. This business is extremely worthwhile on the grounds that the items are especially sought after.


Chicken meat, Turkey meat, and others are extremely well known among Nigerians, particularly during happy seasons. Poultry cultivating is an entirely productive business anybody can begin with little capital.

Snail farming

Snail farming is an undiscovered business in Nigeria. There is such a lot of profitable outcomes and potential around snail cultivating business. 

There are numerous other agribusiness business thoughts separated from the above recorded. Do your exploration and go for the one that suits you, your area, and your financial plan.

5. Transportation

Transportation makes this rundown of the most rewarding businesses in Nigeria and deservedly so. This is one business that you can't manage without. Individuals are continually moving. Moving to work, moving to churches or mosques, moving to visit, moving from one city to another. There is consistent development. With more than 150 million individuals in Nigeria progressing, this business is worthwhile.

You can begin with little capital or enormous capital. You can drive Uber with your vehicle for additional pay. Purchase transports vehicles and begin a big channel and transport company, bike or tricycle. Indeed, even planes. The market is colossal and especially popular. Individuals are continually moving!


For reading to this point you deserve a bonus and this one you don't need to break the bank to start all you need is just determination.

This business is exceptionally worthwhile from personal experience but is best in the cities. Most busy workers depend on cleaners for their clothing needs. Organizations and associations utilize laundry services all the time and you will be surprised how much these guys charge. Around the big cities where you have bankers, lawyers, doctors, you will consistently have clients in case you are in the right area.

With faith which of these businesses do you have the desire to venture into? reply in the comment section, you may just get the capital start. and remember to share this post.

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