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How Tanneries In Kano Supply Leather To Luxury Brands Like Louis Vuitton

The Northern Nigerian city of Kano is the largest commercial hub for the leather industry in Nigeria. Tanneries in Kano are the oldest and biggest suppliers of local leather in Nigeria.

The tanneries work with cow, goat, snake and crocodile skins. One snake skin could sell for as little as N8,000.The tanneries receive hides and skins that have been stripped from slain animals, and take them through the tanning process until they become leather. In 2016, it was revealed that French luxury brands, Louis Vuitton, uses leather from Nigerian Nigeria.

Winston Udeagha, eldest son of the owner of God's Little Tannery in Kano, said his company has been dealing with Louis Vuitton for 16 years. The tannery is owned by an Igbo businessman, whose name is Chief Koffy Ndubuisi Udeagha. The estimated annual revenue from leather export in Nigeria is about $100 million. Unfortunately, Nigeria imports about five times this value. The God's Little Tannery is one of Nigeria's last-surviving leather factories.

The revelation of the company God's Little Tannery, was made by Eleanor Whitehead on social media in 2016. Eleanor Whitehead was a correspondent from The Economist. Eleanor met the tannery team when she visited the city of Kano, during her tour around Northern Nigeria.

It's obvious that the prices these processed leather materials are sold to Louis Vuitton are nowhere near the amount they sell their finished designer bags.

Leather from Nigeria is also made into Ralph Lauren shits that sell for as much as £2,000. Other luxury brands like Fendi and Gucci are also known to make Kano leather into expensive products.

So the next time you fall in love with a luxury leather item, remember that it just might be from Kano. It's quite unfortunate that Nigeria supplies a global brand, yet struggle to sell such products internationally and create its own brands.

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