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"If You Give Me Any Alert Receiving Sim Now, I Can Transfer Funds To A No Trace Account" - Man

According to the man who speaks in Yoruba accent, once he has access to any alert receiving SIM card, he used USSD codes to get the personal account details such as the bank he uses, account balance, date of birth, number and can also reset the pin of that account. He mentioned some codes he used in doing this. He claims he is into the wire-wire business. He said that if you give him any alert receiving SIM, he can transfer the fund to a "No Trace Account".

According to him, in a situation where there is no money in the account, he will use the account to borrow a loan if it is a salary account, After knowing all these USSD codes to swindle innocent people, why not use the same USSD codes to avert or escape arrest? Every evil has a consequence. Many days for the thief but one day is for the owner of the house. Do have blissful years in prison, This guy brain should be used by CBN to make sure it is impossible to remove money from any bank account using sim card and ussd codes. Security of banking system in Nigeria must be upgraded.

 It is obvious to me that this man has been working in collusion with bank emplyees who divulge secret information about banking and IT processes, I know someone will come up with this thrash to drag bankers in. Did you listen to him at all. Is there any mentiion of bankers there? Clear yourself of hate. Most of these crimunals don't need bankers . The earlier you realise this, the better.

 Locking up this type of person or skill will do this country no good. Advance him in that field and put him into DSS or Military. Anytime he stray to become uncontrollable, you kill him silently.

Content created and supplied by: Ahmaddabai777 (via Opera News )

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