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[email protected] : Innovation As A Pathway To Economic Recovery In Contemporary Nigeria

According to an online dictionary, Innovation can best be described as an idea that has been transformed into practical reality.

Many nations across the world are embracing innovation for the development of their countries and the improvement of the citizenry.

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Countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America, China and other developed nations who adopted the method of innovation have gone ahead of those who are still lagging behind in the world of innovation. 

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Nigeria needs to toll the path of innovation to recover from the economic hardship bedevilling the most populous black nation in the world. 

Our leaders need to channel the resources and energy towards adopting innovation as an escape from poverty. Innovation, if adopted will help improve profitability and productivity.

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The old and crude means of doing things should be out of place to pave way for innovation. Our engineers, developers, ICT experts should be well encouraged by training them abroad on how to manufacture and produce equipment locally. 

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Technical schools and Universities of Technology should be revamped and students should be trained on how to be innovative and apply new technological knowledge which will later have a positive impact in the long run. 

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The over-reliance on oil should stop and the Government should embrace innovation which will be a pathway to economic recovery in the country.

Also, workers who are already comfortable with the crude and old ways should be trained on technological advancements which have enabled countries like China to become one of the most advanced nations in terms of technology. 

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Nigeria must focus on high technology to be competitive and innovative in the comity of nations. Many developed nations who are vast in technology advancements and innovation do not have oil and they are financially blessed more than the oil-producing countries. 

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Nigeria needs to be innovative to become one of the developed countries in the world as the country celebrates her 61st Independence day on the 1st of October.

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