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See The Money This Man Saw After Breaking His 2020 Piggy Bank

Despite the existence of of banks, some people still prefer to make use of piggy banks. Piggy Bank is a home made container that is locked up entirely and only a small portion is left open. This opening is used to insert the money into the container. People prefer to use it because it can be accessed easily and any amount of money can be saved even as little as a 5 naira note

This man recognized as Kayode Sunday Emmanuel took to a Facebook group to share what he say after opening his piggy bank. He said that despite all the struggles like the pandemic, the lockdown and many more that was faced in 2020, he was still able to save this

Here are more pictures of his savings

It nice if him to save such an amount but he shouldn't have brought it to the eyes of the public. 

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Emmanuel Kayode Piggy Bank


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