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Essential Business Casual Clothes to Have for Women

The word business casual is a bridge between staying laid-back and staying formal. It's confusing to many people as it's an oxymoron - two opposite words placed side by side. Besides, the meaning varies in companies. While some go casual and still call it business casual, others only eliminate some clothes, like a suit and button-down shirts. Instead of wasting time wondering how to follow this rule, we have made some compilations of trending business casual you need in your wardrobe.

1. Black blazer with Tee

How To Make Black Blazer Look Awesome On You: Easy Guide 2021 -

This combination is a marriage of formal and informal. A simple white Tee shirt or slightly bright color Tee will work with this combination. For your pants, you can try a pair of chino trousers.

2. Button-down with details

Instead of a plain shirt, you can try a shirt with some flair and a little design. Ensure the designs are not flattering to call unnecessary attention.

3. Blouse and skirt

You may also try a peplum top or another blouse and skirt or pants for a business casual. Pair with comfortable shoes to tone the dressing down.

4. Low-heel sandals and loafers

These are essential business casual footwear you need in your wardrobe, especially if you dread wearing heels. They are comfortable, stylish, and appropriate.

5. Shift or simple dress

A well-covered and not too tight dress is perfect for a business casual. You can lay a blazer or jacket over if you want.

6. A casual jacket

You will need a versatile jacket for many business casual clothes like a comfortable skirt and trousers.

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