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Check out the poultry farm of a governor's wife, causing mixed reaction among Nigerians.

The wife of the governor of kaduna state, Hadiza isma El- Rufai, sheared a demonstration that poultry farming is not only for ordinary Nigerians.

She recently posted a tweet, where she posted photos of her livestock with vague message.

Other tweeter's tried to unveil the meaning of her message while some others also shared the type of farming the were into.

She caused confusion on social media as she shared photos of her poultry farm and cows. Photos below.

While she shared the photos on Twitter, she captioned in a cryptic Manner. She wrote

"At my farm today. Anyone thinking of ********** me should not bother. The man has already warned me that he will not pay any ******. She said.

Many Nigerians flooded our comment section as they expressed diverse thoughts on her tweet. While many tried to decode her message.

@bashirnuhu01 said "anyone thinking of kidnapping me should not border. The man already warned me that he will not pay any random. He said.

@balyall4one opinec: "I am very very impressed wallahi, I have also have passion of this one day in Na Sami wata Rana .. In Sha Allah. Kinga kena ba cima zaunebane kina de Sanaa ko".

Meanwhile a young woman also inspired Nigerians on social media on how is started a successful poultry farm with just 11 thousand naira. With meat production.

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