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Importance of Maize to Human

JMaize (commonly known as corn) is o of the cereal staples of mainly West Africa. Scientifically the botanical name for Maize is Zea Mays. But originated from Mexico. Also Maize is an important food crop grown in much of Nigeria, Ghana and so many African country.

Maize is prepared in different ways to please human satisfaction; It can eaten whether by boiling, roasting, or made into a paste eaten by adult and by children who are being weaned.

Maize is also used industrially in the production of breakfast cereal, corn oil, glucose, starch and many more. It also form the base of most livestock feeds, particularly relished by poultry, cattle, pigs e.t.c.

The quality of maize determines its uses. That's why most Nigerians enjoyed a refreshment called "Guguru" because they made with the good quality of Maize

Maize are also in different category: 1. Floury maize: This are maize that consists of mostly starch. 2. Flint Maize: This varieties has very soft starch in its grain. 3. Sweet maize: This is valued for its flavour. The variety has a higher sugar content than all the others types and usually eaten boiled or canned

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