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Check Out 2 Nigerian Ladies That Drive Bus And Keke Napep For A Living

Below are a few ladies that have changed the status quo by working as bus drivers or Keke Napep driver in Nigeria;

1. Modinat Balogun

The story of Modinat went viral after BBC News Pidgin posted a video of her sharing her story. Modinat is a 24 years old lady that drives bus for a living in Lagos. She is also a university graduate, she used to be a food hawker with her mother. 

Modinat had explained that she enjoyed driving alot, it was like a passion for her and not just about the money. It was her passion for driving that took her into the Keke Napep business.

Modinat started off by driving Keke Napep on the streets and taking customers to their destinations. Later she was able to upgrade herself and get a bus for her business, it was a friend of hers that introduced her into the business.

Apart from being a good Bus Driver, she is also a great fashionista. She doesn't let the nature of her work get in her way of looking good. Modinat loves to look neat while doing her job, she buys expensive clothes and drives her bus happily. 

Alot of people love to enter her bus because of her choice of outfit. This bus riding business have been helping Modinat out for a while and she makes alot of money from it.

2. Amarachi Ikezie 

This is another 30 years old lady that drives a Kekenapep in other to survive in Warri. Amarachi is also a graduate, she is well educated and also smart. She found it hard to look for a job when she graduated from the University.

Amarachi started off as a teacher but the salary was too low for her, this made her to quite her job as a teacher and venture into the Tricycle riding business.

Alot of her friends even mocked her when she talked about going into the Keke riding business. They tried to discourage her from doing such a job because they claimed the job is meant for only Men. 

Amarachi did not want to go back to her low paying teaching job so she stuck to her plan, she found someone that hired her as a keke driver. Since then Amarachi was able to acquire her own Keke and she makes alot of cash from it. She is able to acquire more money on a daily basis to feed herself.

Content created and supplied by: UniqueGracee (via Opera News )

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