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Some of the prophecies seen by Ayo Babalola are already coming to pass

Joseph Ayo bablola was among other things, a prophet and seer. As such he saw far and deep into the origin and destinies of town, nation and race through the instrumentality of prophetic anction that was heavy upon him. He spoke on different issues, he prophesied of many event and none of his prophecies have been faulted. Most of what became realities today in the nation and even the church.

1. World wide choas

He said that choas and confusion will be happening in the world as it is happening today.

Note: (Covid-19).

2. War in Nigeria

He said he saw that people were shooting guns at the land of Nigeria. Therefore he counseled that each town and area, build power houses for prayer to avert development.

Note: the Nigeria civil war (1967-70)

3. On plenty of money and scarcity of food

He said a time of plenty of money is coming in this nation accompanied by scarcity of food. And that food will be so scare that business people and civil servant will go to farmers with big money to buy food but to their great surprise the farmers too would go inside and bring out money. And the farmer would tell them, "Friends we too have money, but the little food remaining is not for sale but for the sustanace of our family".

Apostle babalola said that there is nothing that can stop this famine but prayer may reduce it. That a day is coming that what is sold for 1 pounds would not even be available again for 50 pounds. He therefore counseled farmers too intensify their effort because God would remove yam from the earth, no one will see a basket in his hands.

4. World wisdom to fall

He said the world's wisdom will become foolish. People will be wearing there clothes inside out. They will be using the exterior of mortal to pound instead.

Are all these prophecies truly happening now? Comment below

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