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Two Markets In Nigeria Which Place The Nation As Africa's Commercial Powerhouse.

Markets are places where buyers meet sellers for the exchange of goods and services. The importance of a market to a nation can never be overemphasized, not only does it increase the national income and employment, but it also increases productivity, efficiency, innovation, and general wellbeing of the country.

Africa is a blessed country, it's no doubt the fastest expanding economy in the world today. Known as the black continent the country is home to some of the largest markets in the world ranging from the Ariaria International Market in Nigeria to Medina of Fez market in Morocco to Kejetia Market in Ghana etc.

When talking about countries with the largest market on the Africa continent, Nigeria will surely be on the podium of recognition. Over the years, Nigeria has retained its position as the giant of Africa in terms of economy, population, and manpower.

In other not to bore your day with some many words, in this article, I will be showing you two markets in Nigeria that put the nation as Africa commercial powerhouse.

There are a lot of international markets in Nigeria but the following two are exceptional in terms of activities.

(1) Onitsha Main Market: The Onitsha main has had a long history in Africa's economy, This market is suitable in Anambra state, It's the largest market in Nigeria in terms of geographical size and volume of goods.

The market is best described as the commercial hub of Nigeria, merchants from Accra, Abidjan, Douala, Niamey, and Cotonou, as well as from other parts of Africa, patronize it.

The annual volume of commerce in Onitsha-Market exceeds $3 billion, with over 40% of that amount in continual circulation through unbanked transactions.

Can you imagine Nigeria without the Onitsha market? The market alone generates millions daily for the country and this makes Onitsha the city with one of the highest GDP in Nigeria.

(2) Ladipo Market: This market is located in the heart of Lagos, It's mostly known for the sale of auto spare parts and it's one of the biggest in Africa in the Field.

It's the last bus stop for any car owner because it's a hotspot for both used and new auto spare parts.

Imagine Africa without Nigeria, even the former President Of America Barack Obama said "If Nigeria gets it right Africa will move forward"

Thanks for your time.

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