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If the U.S. economy would collapse, what would be the best investments?

If the US economy collapses (to me, this implies something massive than a recession), the rest of the world will follow, so there will be no safe haven. People may tell you to buy gold, but what you’d need would be agricultural land so you can grow your own food.

Also, You would not have the time or will to seek any investments, is the US economy would collapse. You most likely would be in a very nasty conflict looking for survival only. There is not even the slightest chance that US could collapse, that’s a fact. If economy collapses, so will the US dollar. You'd have to buy small amounts of gold with every paycheck and save for rainy (actually very stormy) days. Also buy ammunition which would be traded for food and other life saving goods. I doubt if there will be any investment options at all. US economic collapse means collapse of almost all internet: SSL certificates issued by US companies, most CDNs have their central servers in US(no jquery-90% fill fail), Google, and so on.

Then again, I would say that the best investments would be in commodities and other stocks in education and healthcare.

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