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Today I experienced what local farmers have been experiencing in the hands of Fulani herdsmen - Lady

A lady identified as brown sugar has explained her ordeal after she experienced what everyone has been complaining about. The Fulani herdsmen issue in Nigeria, this is exactly what this lady experienced and she shared her pain online. We do hear of them attacking farms and eating the crops that farmers has struggled to plant. For this lady, it was her cassava that the Fulani herdsmen cow ate.

According to this lady, she was so pained that there was nothing left of the casava that she planted. The only thing she has experienced before was hearing about it, that Fulani herdsmen has destroyed farms. But it was so disheartening to her that it happened to her. She said she has never experienced it before.

This is the issue we are facing in Nigeria and it's such a pity that such had to happen to a lady. Its so discouraging and it's the same government that is telling people farm. Now, she decided to farm only for it to be destroyed by cows.

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