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3 Reasons Why Farmers Should Be Protected On Their Farmlands

To achieve food security as advocated as one of the sustainable development goals SDGs, the security of farmers must be given priority. 

A farmer who can guarantee his safety on farmlands is the one that will think of how to expand output per year.

The rate at which farmers are being attacked is alarming. in the last few days, farmers were killed in Modakeke, some were raped in Ore community of Ondo and host other areas. The trend calls for serious concern from relevant authority. 

Photo Credit: Business Day Newspaper

If government and relevant authority didn't take urgent measures to protect farmers, the resultant effects will be;

1. Hunger: one of the reasons why government must do everything to protect farmers on farmlands is the need wage war against hunger. If farmers are not protected, productivity will low this will amount to hunger in the land. Hunger will affect Human Development Index, HDI of Nigeria compare to other countries.

2. Food Insecurity: food insecurity will arise when farmers can no longer guarantee their safety on farmlands. Therefore, they will neglect the farmlands. Nigeria has been battling with food insecurity for the past four decades. Government must rise up on this so that farmers will return to their farmlands. 

Sadly, according to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), nothing less than 9.2million people in Nigeria faced food insecurity between March and May, 2021 alone. With frequent killing and kidnapping of farmers, no one could say what the country will experience as year 2022 knocking.

Hence, there is need to protect farmers by government and appropriate agencies.

3. Inflation: another effect people are subjected to due to frequent attack on farmers is inflation. Inflation is the persistent and continuous rise in the general price level of commodity. Without adequate care for farmers on farmlands, the narrative may remain the same. 

According to National Bureau of Statistics NBS, the inflation rate in Nigeria as at June 2021 stood at 17.8%, the two-digit inflation rate in Nigeria is not only dangerous to economy but a signal that food productivity is low.

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