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Foreign exchange

Nigerian Naira Is No Longer N375.95 Or N455.00 Per Dollar, Check Out New Exchange Rates.

Nigerians really care about the exchange rates of Naira to other countries currencies, and some even used it to judge the economic value of the country, but many forget exchange rates does not determine the economy value of a country.

Nigerians Naira has more value more than Korean won, despite the facts that Nigeria cannot be compare with Korean company.

One Nigerian Naira is equal to 0.0024 United States Dollar.

In the world market, according to, one dollar is exchange at that rates of 380.00 Nigerian Naira. Although that is the official exchange rates and is maybe impossible to get is at that rates anywhere in the country, because each institution has they own personal exchange rates.

In the black market, the difference between the official rates and what they sell a dollar in the black market is over 100 Naira. In the black market, they are selling one dollar at that rates of 485 Nigerian Naira while they are buying it at 480 Nigerian Naira.

Each Banks also have their own exchange rates, and each banks is differ from each other in the country.

Did you think Nigeria Naira can still rise against the Dollar again, did you think this present government are doing enough or are they making good policies to make the naira rise once again? Let me hear your opinion in tht comment section.

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