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50kg Bag Of Rice And Onions In Lagos Is No Longer N24,000 And N12,000. See Their New Prices Here.

Generally, the prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria has always fluctuated and this is because of the cost involved in preserving them, transporting them, exchange rate and location it's being sold.

In Lagos, there are specific markets that focus on selling just food items like rice, beans, garri, onions, etc. However, the prices of these food items are not static as there is always a change in the prices of some of these food items when compared to the price they used to sell initially.

Previously, 50kg bag of rice was sold for about N24,000 in Lagos and a 50kg bag of onions, sold for about N12,000. Currently, there's a change in the prices of these food items. In most markets in Lagos, a 50kg bag of rice now sell for N29,500 and N12,500 for a 50kg bag of onions.

It's important to note that Lagos is a very big city and so the price for rice and onions may vary depending on the market or location where you purchase. Fortunately, you might buy at a bit lesser price in some markets or even more expensive in some other markets.

How much does a 50kg bag of rice and onions sell for in your location? Share your opinions in the comment section below and share this article with your friends and family.

Source: Nigerian Price.

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