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Are you tired of looking for jobs to no avail? Do these 3 things

Getting a job in a country as populated as Nigeria is never an easy task, due to the uneven state of available Jobs and interested Applicants. What this means is that, people who are looking for jobs are more than the available Jobs. In life, we have 4 major challenges relating to jobs; 

✓ Ability to go school

✓ Ability to Graduate from school with better result

✓ Ability to gain a lucrative job after school

✓ Ability to manage your Finance after employment.

All these are phases you need to pass through before you become successful as an Educationist. After you Graduate, getting a job is like a thug of war. You must have been looking for job since you left school but to no avail. Now you are tired of submitting your CVs and feel like giving up. First of all, let me tell you some possible reasons why you are not getting a job yet.

✓ It could be that your grade isn't competitive enough for the position you are applying for.

✓ It could also be that you don't want to settle for a less paid job

✓ It could also be that you do have too many opponents (Co-applicants) anywhere you apply for.

✓ It could be that your CV is not competitive enough

✓ It Could also be spiritual. 

Despite the fact that you are not getting the job, the truth is that there are people getting it. Those people are not more than you so you can do it. It is on this note, I bring to you 3 things you should do If you are finding it difficult to get a job. 

1. Forget about those who announce Job vacancy and apply with those who didn't announce.

This is a strategy used by some smart applicants in getting employed. It is simple and this is how it is done; instead of you to focus on those companies that place adverts on job vacancies, it is better to write an application together with your Resume and CV, then submit at any company of your choice.

Take for instance, company ABC placed an Advert on the need to Employ new staff while Company XYZ did not release any advert. Even though you are going to write to Company ABC, you should also write to Company XYZ telling them that you are available incase they need new staff. Remember that companies mostly make public announcement when they need to recruit up to 10 staff. There are times they would need only one staff, so in that situation, they will fall back on their waiting list and give you a call. You can submit in as many companies as you want and stop waiting for vacancy announcement. I just hope you understand my plight. 

2. Reduce your taste. 

One factor that do keep graduates unemployed for a long time is the taste for highly paid job. As a University Graduate, You don't want to work where they will pay you 50k a month because you believe it doesn't befit your status. You have to reduce it and start taking low paid jobs. From there, you can start applying for the high paid jobs using the your low paid job as your work experience.

3. Learn a trade in order to become an Employer instead of an Employee. 

The truth is that everybody can not gain a white collar job so instead of struggling to no avail, I will advise you to get a hand work and become an Entrepreneur. Furniture makers in towns are making fortunes from their jobs so instead of looking for the white collar job, become self employed and Employ others to work for you. You can learn graphic design, Video Editing and other media jobs and make your money from them.

The money business men and women are making can not be made by those doing the white collar jobs. Take the pain to learn a trade and you will never blame the Government for lack of employment again. Therefore, If you apply number 1 and 2 above and they didn't work for you, Number 3 should work for you.

I wish you success in your endavours. God bless you.

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