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4 Profitable Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria Ahead Of The Christmas Period

During the Christmas Periods, it's almost certain that a lot of people will spend money. However, while spending money on things, it will only be reasonable to start up something that will also fetch you money during this festive period.

So take a look at 4 Profitable Businesses you can start now in Nigeria ahead of the Christmas period.


It has now become a culture in Nigeria and most of the world that parents must or are obliged to buy wares for their children during the festive periods. And this makes it a very lucrative business to start up now.

With a little amount of money, you can get wares like clothes, hair bows, shoes and other accessories for children within age 3 to 12. If you can get these goods at a cheap rate and make sure they are of good quality, you are sure to make a huge profit.


It's almost certain that many people would want to adorn themselves with pieces of jewelry. However, it would be more profitable to sell quality and affordable pieces of jewelry, especially for females.

To promote your business, you can even go online by using various social media pages to promote your business.


Another lucrative business you can start during the festive period is the selling of foodstuffs like rice, cabbages, carrots, green peas, and other popular foodstuffs used during Christmas.

It would be more profitable to get these goods in bulk because it will be cheaper.


Last but not least is the selling of livestock like chicken, turkey, and even guinea fowl. This is largely considered as one of the most profitable businesses during the festive season.

However, to make more money, you can start early by buying these animals when they are young and training them till they are mature. Also, the eggs gotten from the livestock can be sold.

What do you have to say about this? And which of these businesses do you find more profitable? Leave a comment so I can know what you think. Thanks.

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