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Social Media Glitch: How Businesses Can Thrive Without Social Media

The recent Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram worldwide outage, shows that, most Nigerian business needs the presence of social media to thrive, as they were various complaints from media users.

The important of social media to businesses cannot be overemphasized, as it was alleged that Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth fell by nearly $7 billion in few hours of the glitch (Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp).

That being said, how can Nigerian business thrive without the use of the above mentioned social media platforms?

1.    Customer Satisfactory; Customer Satisfactory, is how happy a customer is whenever they use a particular company’s product, services and capabilities. Customer Satisfactory can also refer to how well a service provider fulfils the needs and expectation of their customers. A multimillionaire business can drop to the bottom, if customers are always complaining of poor service, as most people use a particular service because of what they have heard or read from various media platforms (Every customer who feels dissatisfied by a service, has the power to reduce your customer base by a minimal fraction, just by spreading the news).     

2.    Posters and flyers; This is one of the oldest means of marketing, but it’s not being utilized by most business users today. Flyers and posters are used to draw attention if placed at the right places. With flyers and posters, your business presence is half way advertised to a targeted audience.

3.    Talking to people; If you can’t talk about your whole business or summarize it to people in 5-minutes, then you need to go back to the drawing board. Talking to people, gives you a clear understand how most people feel about a particular product, business or company (This process opens the door to giving out your business card).

4.    Email Marketing; This is a more straight form of marketing, as customers can be added to an email list, where they will be receiving emails on new products, and being up-dated weekly or monthly (Don’t overdo it, as you risk alienating customers).


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