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Buhari States Commitments To Improve The Agricultural and Petroleum Sectors And To Unban Twitter

To mark the country's 61st Independence anniversary, the president Muhammadu Buhari, address Nigerians in the early hours of October 1, 2021. In his speech, the president spoke on several issues and challenges facing the country. He also highlighted efforts being made by the government to address these challenges. Three areas he mentioned, among others include:

Petroleum Sector

Despite the fact that Nigeria is an oil producing country, the inability to refine the product for domestic use has since been a major problem for the country. The fallout of this is that government spends a lot of money in subsidy payment to make the product affordable by it citizens. Yet, the petroleum products keep soaring in prices. In his speech, the president gave a ray of hope.

" Nigeria's Roadmap on local refining is on track with the commissioning of a modular refinery in Imo state.

"A second one is scheduled for commissioning by the end of this year in Edo state and the third one in Bayelsa state by 2022.

"In addition to the Modular projects we also have the mega refinery projects coming up in Lagos and Akwa Ibom State.

" As these refineries are commissioned more employment opportunities are created and there would be petroleum products available for local consumption which will significantly reduce our reliance on importation".

Agricultural Sector

The agricultural sector is one sector any serious government need not neglect. One of the fundamental objectives of a government is to ensure that the country can produce enough food to feed its citizens and that it is available at affordable prices. However, the rising prices of food products did not escape the president's attention. He said, "Unfortunately, as our food production capacity has increased, food prices have been going up due to artificial shortages created by middleman who have been buying and hoarding these essential commodities for profiteering".

To address this, the president said that he has directed different agencies of government to find lasting solutions to these unpatriotic practices. Furthermore, the president said that several new Dams have been completed while rehabilitation process for River Basin Development Authorities are ongoing to enhance water supply for agricultural purposes.

Unbanning of Twitter

The president lamented that instead of using the several social media platforms available for the promotion and enhancement of social relations, some people use them as instruments of vitriolic attack on the government and to spread false information about government. To this end, the president said that the circumstances that led to the banning of Twitter is being addressed and that Twitter will resume in Nigeria any time soon once it is able to meet the conditions given by the government.

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