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The Igbo People: A Capitalist Vs Communalist Political Society.

The Igbo people of South East Nigeria are well noted for their money making and business inclined lifestyle. They make up the world’s richest black ethnic group, producing more billionaires than any other ethnic group all over Nigeria and all over the world as well.

The pre-colonial and post-colonial Igbo land isn’t a capitalist society as it is presumed to be. They practiced Socialism and Communalism and they had a Democratically-Republican System.

Different communities contributed money to send the best brains abroad to study in order to return and better the community. Nobody would drag that his or her own child would be the first to go.

Prior to the Nigerian civil war, many Igbo medical Doctors studied through the communal scholarship and not through the government.

Most early churches were communally built, and Schools also, were built and run by the community through the PTA contributions.

Teachers were paid by the community; that is why many Primary and Secondary schools are named Community Primary or Secondary schools. Some of these schools which were built by the community often have the community name embedded on it. For example, Nsude community secondary school Enugu.

The school’s lands are usually given to them by the community for free, and every family is allowed to make their contributions for the progress of the school when necessary. The lands given to the early missionaries are often communal lands with no dispute, and they also do not wait for the government to invest in their communities before they progress or develop.

However, in modern times things have become a little different, although there are some communities that still maintain this communal lifestyle, most other Igbo communities are now living a capitalist and individual life, it’s now a survival of the fittest, people hardly care about each other any more.

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