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Gov. Fintiri embarked On total study of peculiarities, solution to salvage the future of Adamawa

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, being cautious of the flight of most states' dependence on federal allocations year in and out, deliberately embarked on a total study of our peculiarities and possible solutions to salvage the future.

Considering the bigger picture of what has befallen Nigeria at the moment, we may not be absolute in our outcomes with direct comparison of state growth because what some states, like Lagos, generate and get from the federal allocation is way too high and incomparable to others like Adamawa state. 

One wonders why, amidst these challenges, this did not stop the Adamawa state Governor from putting on ground infrastructure that will stabilize and equip the people socioeconomically to embark on an internal voyage of creating home wealth that the state can depend on. 

The strategy of empowering the people as entrepreneurs and generators of wealth led him to do much more than build infrastructure, but to create a ministry of entrepreneurship geared toward making the people able to benefit from the developmental changes to come. 

The situation today is a sophisticated one. You must capitalize on the moment and get funds via public-private partnership. If I can recall one crucial point the governor hit on before fully settling down for governance, was his intention to kick start and establish an economic team that would be positioned to pioneer the way out and forward for our state. 

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has today rolled out the strategic project for economic recovery based on the recent dialogue, a detailed study of our economic status, and possible investment and recovery. This was carefully drafted and a clear roadmap with strategic steps to boost our internally generated revenue has now been unfolded in Adamawa state. 

The careful management of the bond in trenches will extract some leaks and create a healthy pattern of return on investment for all those who capitalize on the ongoing opportunities.

This country was recently caught up in a muddle over whether the federal government should print money to keep the country afloat or not.The funny truth is, we will be worse as a nation if it ends up that there is any truth in the cash printing saga, which will destabilize the economy and throw us into confusion by spending cash in the system which does not actually have any real value because it was printed and has no weight as value earned. Cash must be earned and equated to specific parameters such as foreign currency inflows on resources or product exchange value.

Internationally, you just do not print unvalued cash and put it into your system, or else you end up like the Germans after the world war situation. The most likely way out is to go for a loan, be it in bonds or otherwise. Then follow up on increased production with end to end finishing that meets demand, thereby attracting value exchange.

In our case, agribusiness is clearly what Adamawa state is focused on with the certainty of great returns on investment. 

The blue print has clear strategies to implement this recovery and stabilization journey under the ATM Governor. These kinds of bonds can only be attracted by a government that has been studied by the investors who must have seen the great viability around the corner. 

Internationally, loans are the subtle way out while you invest in diversified sources that can boost your revenue generation immediately. You do not ground your economy by remaining silent about your handicap and doing nothing; rather, you strive in such moments by thinking beyond the present and, most importantly, outside the box.

The nation that seeks better soft serviceable bonds that can be channeled as previously stated provides us with the opportunity to stabilize and make gains quickly enough, and then rebound.

Now is the time and the opportunity to get Adamawa fixed, up and standing, leading to that path of transformation we have long prayed for. Governor Dr. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is making Adamawa great.

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