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2 Lucrative Business Ideas You Should Consider Starting Up Ahead Of Easter

Just like the festive season where Christians celebrated Christmas to mark the birth of Jesus Christ, Easter is fast approaching which is a time which marks the remembrance of the death of Jesus Christ.

Common among the Christians, this time is celebrated just like Christmas as families spend money and time reuniting and making merry. For a business inclined person who wants to seize this opportunity to make some cool cash, below are two lucrative business ideas you consider starting up ahead of Easter:-

1. Poultry Business

It is less than one month to Easter. Going into poultry farming is not the right decision at this time but you can consider this idea in another form. Consider buying a month old or 2 month old poultry birds from existing farmers and then finish the breeding of the birds to maturity to sell them off during Easter. Poultry business is quite lucrative and you are sure to make a good deal of income from just breeding them to maturity.

2. Food Stuff Business

Foodstuff is another business line that would fetch people a good deal of income during Easter. Families will spend money buying food ingredients to prepare to celebrate the season. You can consider buying these food items like beans, rice from the northern part of Nigeria where they are sold for cheaper prices.

After reselling them you would realise a good amount of income that you did not expect.

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