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Top 4 largest ports in Nigeria

In this article, I'll be unveiling the top 4 largest port in Nigeria

4. River Ports Authority

Port is situated in the Gulf of Guinea, also known as Rivers Port Complex it started from a humble beginning; evolving from one berth for coal export; to four berths to handle a cargo mix of import/export merchandise.

The Port is built deliberately in one of the world’s biggest unrefined petroleum production areas.

3. Calabar Port Complex

Located in the southeast corner of the country in Cross River State, Calabar is the home of the Eastern Naval Command of the Nigerian Navy. This is the longest serving port and also the oldest seaport in Nigeria. Port facilities are located 55 nautical miles up the Calabar River.

The Port has features such as the Old Port, the New Port and the Dockyard.

2. Tin Can Island Port

Tin Can Island Port was begun in 1981 and opened in 1997. In 1991, the Nigerian Ports Authority became responsible for operating the port. It's located North West of Lagos Port Complex and has bearing of Latitude 62*N Longitude 23E.

1. Lagos Port Complex

This seaport is founded in 1913 at Lagos. The port complex is a well known for its better handling of large cargoes, aided by its huge 4 wheeled gates standing 8 meters above ground level.

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