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If You Reside In Kaduna, Here Are 5 Crops You Can Plant In 2021, That Is Lucrative.

If you reside in Kaduna and you are thinking of the business to venture into, then planting crop this 2021 might just be the thing for you. So in this article we will look at 5 crops that should be planted this year that is lucrative and might be good for you if you reside in Kaduna.

As the rain comes close I is advisable that one prepares to go to the farm. It may look like the farming activities is not lucrative, but when you look closely you will realise that it is the best investment that one can do during this season. 


This is the first I will advise. This is because it doesn’t cost much to plant rice and the process isn’t demanding. It just takes 2 months from planting to harvesting. With a good land you can spend N120,000-N150,000 for the inputs and get a return of about N250,000 and above


Another good crop to plant is the maize, it takes about 3 months for the whole process to come to completion. With the available lands everywhere I will be a lucrative business if you plant maize with the expectation of harvesting it anytime soon.


Ginger is a very expensive and lucrative commodity in Kaduna. A bag of ginger goes for about N25,000-N30,000 Per Bag. If you are plant the ginger and its taking care of adequately then you will have a bountiful harvest.

Soya Bean

This is one of the most lucrative among all of them. A bag of soya beans goes for as high as N22,000. The reason for why it is expensive is because it is used for chicken feed. This makes soya beans one of the most lucrative Agricultural Product. 

Cowpea (Beans)

This is one of the simplest agricultural product to plant. It doesn’t take much or requires much fertilizer. And it properly taken care of the harvest can be bountiful. The current price of Cowpea as of this Article is N49,000.

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