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How To Start Toothpick Production Business In Nigeria

By BusinessBoy | self meida writer
Published 16 days ago - 7 views

The toothpicks are simple, but they are very popular in Nigeria and around the world. Although CBN has imposed a foreign exchange ban on the commodity, it still spends millions of dollars each year on its imports. The demand for toothpicks is spreading in Nigeria's urban and rural areas, creating an ever-growing market for the production of Nigerian toothpastes.

   However, as investors and entrepreneurs have not yet reached their full potential, the production of toothpicks in Nigeria remains untapped. Currently, about five toothpick manufacturers in Nigeria are trying to meet the needs of more than 100 million consumers while maintaining the quality of their products.

   Due to the low local production of toothpicks in Nigeria, entrepreneurs can take advantage of the available raw materials and access to large local markets to benefit from the production of toothpicks in Nigeria.

   What is the production of teeth in Nigeria?

   The manufacture of teeth includes the manufacture of various types of teeth for commercial and personal purposes. Teeth are a commodity without a specific target group, because everyone uses them.

   The toothpicks can be made of bamboo, birch or plastic pellets. Leftovers on the teeth can be removed after the meal. In some cases, toothpicks are a device used to mix small snacks or as a decoration for exotic drinks.

   Toothpicks made in Nigeria are made of bamboo wood, but in countries like the USA, birch is an alternative raw material. Recently, plastic toothpicks have been considered the most hygienic and durable toothpicks in the world.

   Although toothpicks are a domestic product, the customer base covers all food companies in Nigeria, such as hotel catering, restaurants and tourism.

   Nigerian dental companies are working hard to increase production to meet the needs of consumers in the country. This reduced imports and paved the way for the export of quality but affordable toothpicks from the country.

   Global opportunities for tooth manufacturers

   Entrepreneurs who are unemployed or looking for companies with high sales can examine the production of toothpicks and expect significant profits. The growing demand for standard or quality toothpicks at home and abroad has expanded the offer on the market and created favorable business opportunities.

   The main business opportunities for the production of toothpicks in Nigeria are:

   1). Domestic business opportunities:

   After production, teeth can be sold in large quantities to wholesalers or retailers. These stores then sell it to consumers for personal use. Thousands of families and individuals use this product every day at home, after private meals or at parties such as weddings, funerals and birthdays.

   2). Business opportunities in the food industry:

   Teeth are very popular in the food industry. This business opportunity revolves around catering services, hotels, bars, restaurants and fast food restaurants. The food service uses toothpicks that serve customers with every meal.

   3). Export opportunities:

   The world market is very open to high quality raw materials. Nigerian toothpick companies can compete with China and other countries in terms of export of toothpicks and make higher profits than any other product.

   Facts and benefits of making toothpicks in Nigeria

   The manufacture of teeth in Nigeria is a viable business opportunity due to the widely used raw materials in the country, such as bamboo.

   In Nigeria, the dental market is sustainable due to the growing demand for dental products.

   Unlike basic raw materials, dental machinery is imported from China.

   The production of toothpicks in Nigeria can be started as a family business, thus reducing the initial cost of capital for entrepreneurs.

   High tariffs and a CBN ban on dental exchange exchanges have led to the development of the industry.

   The value of sales and consumption of toothpicks in Nigeria is high and still increasing.

   Due to the small number of factories currently, the increase in demand for toothpicks in Nigeria can be addressed by insufficient supply.

   Types of companies for the production of toothpicks

   The three types of toothpick companies are:

   1). Company for the production of bamboo teeth:

   Bamboo toothpicks are the most commonly used toothpicks in the world. The producer grows bamboo himself or buys it from bamboo breeders.

   The highest quality toothpicks are made of ripe bamboo (3 years old wooden sticks). The maximum age of bamboo sticks of standard quality is 5 years. Store freshly harvested cane in a cool, dry place for three days before production.

   After three days, the bamboo was removed from storage and placed in a cutting machine, which cut it into 1.5 meter thin wooden sticks. Then slide the stick onto the splitter and cut it into small pieces. Then the trimmer immediately cuts them to their original size: length 6.5 cm, width 2.5 cm.

   After the cross section, the polish straightens the rod. Then insert the wooden stick into the grinder so that the points are even. The new teeth are then bleached, dried in the sun and baked in a heated oven.

   The teeth are then polished a second time and then packaged for further distribution.

   2). Company for the production of plastic teeth:

   Plastic toothpicks are popular toothpicks. They are currently manufactured by companies from around the world that focus on dental hygiene and are a more effective tool for dental floss after every meal. Globally, this toothpick company is rapidly gaining a reputation and consumers.

   Manufacturers use semi-automatic or fully automatic injection and printing machines to melt plastic pellets and inject liquid into molds for toothpicks. After production, the plastic teeth are cooled, packaged and sold by a wholesaler or exported to other countries.

   As with the production of bamboo toothpicks, depending on the budget, plastic toothpicks can also be produced at home or in industrial plants. This type of business is seldom based in Nigeria, but with sufficient capital, it is an opportunity worth exploring.

   3). Production company Muya:

   This production occurs mainly in the United States or other Western countries where birch is plentiful. Raw material used for the production of wooden teeth. It is an expensive type of toothpick company and may not be a good choice for toothpick companies in Nigeria.

   How to start a toothpick business in Nigeria: a detailed guide

   1). Select a company for the production of teeth:

   Determining the type of business to start making toothpicks is the first step to starting making toothpicks in Nigeria. Consider the availability of raw materials and the proximity of available markets. Next, make sure the decision is consistent with production and working capital to avoid unnecessary business problems.

   2). Create a good business plan:

   A detailed breakdown of the whole process of starting a business in dental production is crucial for achieving successful results. Focus on key parts of the business and prepare information plans for the location of factories, employees, machines and methods.

   The plan should include funding, business objectives, predictable plans, target markets and growth potential. In addition, conduct a competition and market feasibility study in your area.

   3). the capital:

   Before you start, calculate the production and working capital of the company.

   Production capital is the necessary means for raw materials, construction site rental, machinery and personnel to guide production activities. Based on the information gathered, estimate the required working capital. This includes wages, raw materials, energy and distribution costs.

   You must use the savings or borrow from a commercial / commercial bank to finance production. Although banks may require collateral, such as land ownership, cooperatives or low-interest loans from relatives and friends are other ways to raise funds.

   Finally, the Nigerian government provides loans or grant schemes to help entrepreneurs.

   4). Select origin:

   Dental factories must be strategically located to reduce start-up capital or operating costs. Good manufacturing sites are usually close to customers to facilitate distribution and transportation.

   The leased space should be large enough to accommodate machinery, warehouses and personnel. Small window shops are preferred. To reduce start-up costs, turn unused household space into a production site, that is, a family factory.

   5). Company registration:

   To legalize your business in Nigeria, register your business with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission. Also indicate the type of attribute during the registration process; self-employed or partnership.

   6). Quality license:

   One of the licenses required to make toothpicks in Nigeria and many other countries in Africa or around the world is a trade license. You will also receive information on value added tax, certification, environmental and pollution directives, etc.

   7). machine:

   Automated machines are a major force in the production of toothpicks in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. Both types of geared motors are semi-automatic and fully automatic injection molding machines. Some dental machines are manufactured in Nigeria and the rest are imported.

   Purchasing high-quality machines is a way to ensure efficient operation and extend the life of the machine.

   The tooth making machines in Nigeria are;

   Cutting machine


   Circular cutting machine

   Waste grinder

   Dry paint mixing machine

   Cutting machine


   Packaging machine

   Different shapes

   Mold lift

   Scale a

   Packaging machine

   8). Sell ​​and sell your products:

   Product packaging is a necessary step towards the production of toothpicks in Nigeria and all other regions. Quality packaging can distinguish one product from another, attract customers and stimulate their interest.

   The teeth are usually placed in small plastic cups of different colors. Create space in your budget for simple but attractive packages.

   In addition, create a distribution network. Find store owners, caterers, restaurants, wholesalers, and distributors inside and outside the city, state, or country. Custom export procurement is a good way to make significant profits from the production of toothpicks.

   Basically, you want to spend money on marketing.

   Challenges of tooth production

   Requires expensive and fully automatic semi-automatic machines.

   For entrepreneurs who are just starting to produce teeth, insufficient production and operating resources are a challenge.

   Continued imports of toothpicks from China have hampered the growth of the toothpick business in Nigeria.

   Dental factories need at least 20 hours of uninterrupted power for each production cycle. As Nigeria's energy supply remains weak, dentists rely heavily on diesel to power their engines.

   Most low quality products made in Nigeria reduce their value on the international market and reduce domestic demand.

   at the end

   For those interested in meeting the growing demand for this product, the manufacture of teeth in Nigeria is a huge business opportunity.

   The basic raw materials for the production of toothpicks are widely available in the country and after the start of production it is possible to produce them at home. Once the teeth have been assembled and packaged, you can export them to local markets, food companies and even other popular countries.

   Finally, taking the right steps to start this business can reduce the possibility of problems that paralyze or hinder growth. All entrepreneurs need a lot of capital, production facilities, high-quality products, dedicated employees and the right marketing strategies in order to make significant profits from the company.

   What do you think about starting a dental business in Nigeria or Africa? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Content created and supplied by: BusinessBoy (via Opera News )


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