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Resale of cooking gas business.

As we all know that the cooking gas business is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria. Through it is associated with risk.most people always find it hard to trade in the buying and selling of the commodity.

The business is as easy as a,b,c, but it takes determination,hardwork to succeed in the business.firstly if you are interested in the business all you have to do is to go to a nearby cooking gas station. Ask about in and out of the business, benefits, advantages, disadvantages,risks involved in the business.

To start any business,no matter how small the cost of starting a business, it's always advisable to have enough capital on ground.note starting a cooking gas business you must find a suitable spot ,it might be a shop, container, kiosk.always make sure that the location is a safe place free from fire.

After getting a good location to start up the business, what you need next is the materials and tools to run the like hose,gas cylinder,screw driver, after accuqring the materials and tools,find a cooking gas depot around you and you can begin the refill of cooking gas business.

Note: instructions never make call or receive calls at a gas store,make sure smokers are not around the store.

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