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High Costs Of Goods: Why Trader's Unions And Associations Should Be Banned In Nigeria

Recently, Ondo state government banned the activities of trading unions and associations in Ondo state citing the high cost of goods and services as the reasons for the action according to Tribune online.

This is a welcomed development from the Sunshine state and the ban needs to be extended to all states of the federation.

The high costs of goods and services all over the country could be traced to the exploitative tendencies of the unions and associations of consumers goods and services.

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A situation where trade unions and associations are the sole determinant of the cost of goods and services in the country is exploitative.

Market forces, which should be the determinant of prices in the economy are relegated to the background and unless the trade unions and associations are banned throughout the country, the prices of goods and services will continue to rise.

Membership of trade unions and associations should be voluntary as enshrined in the constitution , but this has not been the case as traders of goods and services are forced to be members of these groups, forcing them to pay exorbitant membership fees and levies.

It is high time the federal government takes the initiative to protect Nigerians from the arbitrary and exploitative practices of trade unions and associations by banning them and allow market forces to determine the costs of goods and services as Ondo State government have done.

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