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5 Billionaires Around The World That Are Getting Old But Yet Have No Child To Inherit Their Wealth

Billionaires all across the globe are highly recognised and respected. In Africa, the joy of gaining wealth is passing it to your generation, your offsprings. Particularly men. To carry on the family name and legacy

This practice is particularly different in other countries especially the western world. Men and women can transfer their entire property to just about anything. Name it. An orphanage, a pet.

Here are five billionaire men around the world who despite having billions,mansions, businesses, private jets and all, don't have biological children to take on their name.

1.) David Geffen. 77 Years old

The gay man David Geffen is worth $7.9 billion. A whole load of money. Yet no kid

2.) Giorgio Armani, 86 years old

He is worth $8.6 billion and is currently 86 years old. He is a fashion legend

3. Charles Butt, 82-Years-old

Despite how much he loves kids, he has none. The 82-years-old billionaire is worth $11.1 billion

4.) Klaus-Michael Kuehne, 83 Years Old

He's worth about worth $19.6 billion. Is married but has no offspring

6. Oprah Winfrey, 66 Years Old

And now a woman. She has a Net worth of $2.6 billon but still has no child. Her story however is an inspiration to a lot of other women

Practices differ. Despite the fact that in Africa, a man or woman is not considered good enough except they have offsprings doesn't necessarily mean its the right practice.

In other countries, wealth must not be confiscated by a particular family, wasteful children or group of people. These billionaires could decide to instead give out their wealth to Charity foundations when they pass on. To touch the lives of others and not just their blood lines.

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