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Meet The Son Of A Banker, The OnlyFans Founder: Who Built A Global Brand.

Meet Tim Stokely, the founder of OnlyFans, born in Essex, London.

OnlyFans is a subscription- for - content company with mostly female creators who begun charging users for - suggestive or body revealing photos and videos, online companionship and underwear selfies.

The subscription site increased in users and revenues during the pandemic with a full package of erotic contents.

The banker's son who's studied property and real estate, has attempted to open five businesses before launching OnlyFans in 2018.

His first entrepreneurial endeavour was when he created an online fetish service where customers could request adult photos and videos directly from amateur models.

How he came across starting OnlyFans was when he was approached in 2018 via email by Leo Radvinsky, the owner of the industry's biggest adult chat websites "MyFreeCams".

Leo proceeded to providing money and immense experience in taking the brand global in return for 75% of the company.

Presently, OnlyFans has generated $1bn revenue this year, which climbed 400% during the pandemic. Although, the subscription site has been making huge waves in the industry, it has been banned from Google and Apple's apps store.

However, this doesn't stop the brand from reaching its peak, at it recently revealed that there are over 300 creators who have made more than $1m.

Example of these creators are - Jasmin Rice, a 23 years old lady, who earns $35,000 a month since signing up in March 2020.

Even the juggernauts of the music industry, hasn't been left out as Cardi B, Dj Khaled and various other celebrities have signed up on the platform.

With a team that has gone up from 4 to 400 in the last 5 years, one things for sure for Stokely.

" All I want is to spend the afternoon in a beer garden with my friends. I can't wait for a mixture of alcohol and vitamin D"

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